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Transportation & LOGISTICS

Kazi Group of Companies provides reliable and efficient transportation services to meet all your needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your produces are delivered safely and on time. We also offer commercial truck weighing and measuring services, making us the only station in the Central Fruits & Vegetables Market of Dubai and to provide these essential services.

We also provide cold-storage solutions for enterprise customers and all other businesses that requires partial and full stack cold-storage solutions within the market. 


Kazi Weighing and Measuring Services fills an important gap at the Central Fruits & Vegetables Market in Dubai by providing essential, commercial weighing services to all the businesses that operates in the market and around the area.

Certified by the Dubai Municipality, our venue has 2 weighing station that can provide accurate measurement up to 120Tons per vehicle. This enables weighing of all sorts of fresh produces along with building materials and industrial products. 

Kazi Weighing.png

Cold Storage Solutions

With over 10+ cold storages under operations of varying sizes and configurations, we provide various cold-storage solutions across the Central Fruits & Vegetables Market, Al Aweer, Dubai. We have our storages in all the 4 major blocks, making it readily available for any requirements. The blocks are essential spot as they are placed around the largest Fresh Produce Mall in the Middle East, Bloom Market.

Beside the 4 major blocks, there are cold storages near other sales areas of fresh produces, such as the container loadings and local sale shops known as "Barat". 

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